Custom Pet Portraits


Celebrate your furry, (feathered, gilled or reptilian!) loved ones with a one-of-a-kind custom pet portrait, made expressly for you by Wendy! Each one as unique and special as your beloved pet. 

Choose photos of your pet that show off their personality, quirks, and character. Each illustration will be drawn by hand and will be built up in multiple layers of colour and detail. You're welcome to send a selection of your most treasured images and together with Wendy, you can decide on the best one to use for the most true to your pet portrait! 

How it works:

  • Once you purchase your portrait, be sure to leave your email in the order page and Wendy will personally get in touch with you to go over the process.

  •  When you've settled on an idea, and images have been sent off, Wendy will then get to work on a first pass for your approval*.

  • From there, Wendy will get to work on the final product. Once the artwork is complete, you'll receive a digital proof via email.

  • Should you have any final suggestions before printing, Wendy will be happy to make those changes.

  • Your art print will measure 10" x 13"

  • *Customers will have one edit approval.

  • Send your photos to